Ardmore Moravian Church

Frequently asked Questions

Q: Do you believe in God as your Creator and loving heavenly

Father, in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord, and in the Holy

Spirit as your Comforter and Sustainer, according to the Holy


We do, and we strive to live our lives in ways that demonstrate our faith and point others to Christ.

Q: What do Moravians believe?

The core of the Moravian faith is belief in the grace of God the Father, the merit of Jesus the Son, and the gift of the Holy Spirit.  We are a Christ-centered church, insisting on the relationship with Christ as the heart of Christian belief. The What We Believe and Why We Are Here sections of our website share a bit more about our beliefs and approach to Christian faith.  

Q: How big is your church?

We are a relatively small, growing church in the heart of Ardmore. Currently, we have about 187 members, plus non-member churchgoers and visitors. Typically, about 100 people attend our Sunday worship service.  

Q: Do you have programs for families and children?

Yes, and our ministries are expanding as the number of families, children and youth attending Ardmore continue to increase. We have nursery care for children under 4, on Sundays, Wednesdays and for special services, and Sunday School for all ages and Youth Groups for children. Adults, too, are supported and nurtured formally and informally as they seek God's will for their lives and the lives of the children. See our Ministries section for more about programs for adults, youth and children.  

Q: Do you have to be a member to be involved?

No, please come! We welcome you to our church and encourage you to find meaningful ways to get involved and connected. Our Wednesday evening suppers and Bible studies are particularly great ways to get to know our church community and explore your interests. Typically our most active families and individuals do become official members of our church as a symbol of their faith and commitment to serving the Lord. See our Ministries section for information about the many opportunities at Ardmore to worship and grow in your relationship with God.


Q: How can I learn more about the church?

Our Interim Pastor, Rev. Arkon Stewart, and members of the church look forward to talking with you about your needs and the church. Call the church office at 723- 3444. Wednesday evening fellowship and Bible Studies are also wonderful ways to get to know us. If you do not have a church home in this area, we invite you to consider making the Ardmore Moravian congregation your church family.  

Q: What time are Sunday services?

  9:30am Church School and Study 10:30am Worship in the sanctuary See the church calendar for even more opportunities to worship.  

Q: What is a Love Feast?

The love feast is a historically unique Moravian tradition that signifies the sharing of a simple meal in Christian fellowship. The service has its roots in a worship service held by the early Moravians. The community felt such an outpouring of the holy spirit during their worship service, they wanted to continue their worship, prayer and discussion. Food was brought in, and they continued to experience God's love and Christian fellowship. This sharing of a simple meal and afternoon together became a regular practice that is now celebrated through the love feast service. The Love Feast is not a sacrament; it is a tradition that celebrates God working in and among us. Today, the traditional American Love Feast consists of a sweetened bun and coffee, served to the congregation in the pews by Dieners (German for servers), accompanied with music, singing and prayer. Christmas Eve Love Feasts are worship services that are special to our congregation, offering the chance to serve other and celebrate the birth of Christ.  

Q: What is your connection to Old Salem?

The first Moravians to North Carolina settled in Bethania, Bethabara and Salem. Although we have historic ties to Old Salem, Ardmore Moravian Church is not affiliated with the historic property, museum and other activities in Old Salem.  

Q. What is your connection with Salem Congregation?

Ardmore Moravian Church is one of the thirteen churches that comprise Salem Congregation.