All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching for reproof for correction, and for training in righteousness. 2 Timothy 2:16 Sunday morning classes with a variety of topics for all ages provides solid teaching to equip Christians to do the work of Jesus Christ. The following classes meet at 9:30 AM each Sunday morning.


The children’s lessons include a Bible Study and crafts pertaining to the story.  The class is small and is located in the Nursery.


The class is made up of Middle and High School students.  They use the Bible, videos, and various teaching books.  Topics covered include everything from Biblical characters to how the Bible applies to everyday life.  The current study is focused on the basics of Christianity and the foundations of our faith. This is a group of friendly, bright and welcoming students who would be eager for even more people to join the.  The class meets on the third floor at 9:45 AM.


The Young Adult Class tries to provide further education and detailed study into the scripture through its lessons and discussions.  The class is studying the DVD and book series titled “Believe – Living The Story of The Bible to Become Like Jesus” by Randy Frazee.  They also are building strong Christian friendships and are grateful for the times they share together.  Prayer is a very important part of the class as well and they spend time together every Sunday morning sharing their prayer requests and praise reports.  The class seeks to expand in size to widen their group of friends and to continue to grow in the knowledge of Christ and His plan for each of them.   The class is open to Christ's teachings, and invite anyone who does not have a Sunday School Class to visit and join them.  The classroom is located next to the Pastor's office and across from the choir room.


The Melting Pot (College and Career Class) formed in January 2015. On average, there are 6 members in attendance and they are always looking for new members.  Please come join them as they study the Bible through Essential Truth: Inviting Christ Into My Reality. The class is located on the third floor next to the elevator.  Coffee and breakfast snacks are provided each week along with good fellowship.


The Family Life Bible Class is devoted to learning more about God through studies of scripture each Sunday morning and is located on the third floor of the church. The class has begun a 16 week study on Roman’s 8.  The class listens to CD’s by Erwin Lutzer, pastor, teacher and author and then have a discussion time. The result is biblical lessons for our lives and hearts today.  It is a very interesting and helpful study. The class members are a joyful, welcoming group of Christians who want to get closer to the Lord.  They encourage one another through discussion about the Bible, through prayer for each other or for those who God has put on their hearts and through sharing our experiences and thoughts about core values we learn from the Bible.  They have only one rule:  “You can share if you wish or if you don't want to share, that's okay too!”


The purpose of the class is to spread the love of Jesus and share the blessings He has given us. The outstanding teachers teach excellent lessons using quarterly Union Gospel Press publications. The publications are structured so that continuous use of the publication provides a study of the entire Bible every five years. The Class is located up the ramp from Fellowship Hall - classroom on the left.
Ardmore Moravian Church
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