Ardmore Moravian Church

“Where Communion and Community Come Together”

We are a Christ-centered fellowship of people bound by love of Jesus and one another. Our greatest hope is that God will be glorified through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit among us. We have gathered to worship; celebrating the eternal life won for us by Christ through His death and resurrection as promised in the Bible. God has created and called us into relationship with Himself (communion) and with one another (community). We need the Lord, and we need each other. As you draw close to God, may you also grow in friendship with those around you. We believe God has gifted people in every age. So our worship is marked by a variety of styles and expressions of music, liturgy, prayer and proclamation. We seek to blend these expressions in a way that pleases God and edifies one another. The Moravian Church, while unfamiliar to many, is actually one of the oldest Protestant denominations in the world. Our roots and heritage run deep, even one hundred years prior to the Great Reformation. Yet our sense of mission is alive and active today as we serve the Lord in ministry together.

Jesus said to His disciples

 “…you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all

Judea, and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the


At Ardmore Moravian we sincerely strive to live that promise. We worship, study the Holy Scriptures, fellowship and grow as disciples of Christ together here at the corner of Hawthorne and Academy. We ask the Lord then to send us out and employ us for His glory as we share the Gospel - the Good News of Christ - locally, regionally and globally. If you are searching for a meaningful relationship with God and productive friendships with other people, you’ve come to the right place - “Where Communion and Community Come Together”.

The Motto of the Moravian Church

"In essentials, Unity;  in nonessentials, Liberty;

and in all things, Love".

Spirit of the Moravian Church: the Spirit of the Moravian Church as having five characteristics: simplicity, happiness, unintrusiveness, fellowship, and the ideal of service.  Simplicity is a focus on the essentials of faith and a lack of interest in the niceties of doctrinal definition. From this flow secondary qualities of genuineness and practicality.  Happiness is the natural and spontaneous response to God's free and gracious gift of salvation.  Unintrusiveness is based on the Moravian belief that God positively wills the existence of a variety of churches to cater for different spiritual needs. There is no need to win converts from other churches. The source of Christian unity is not legal form but everyone's heart-relationship with the Saviour.  Fellowship is based on this heart-relationship. Fellowship [in Zinzendorf's time] meant not only a bridging of theological differences but also of social differences; the artisan and aristocrat were brought together as brothers and sat as equal members on the same committee .  The ideal of service entails happily having the attitude of a servant. This shows itself partly in faithful service in various roles within congregations but more importantly in service of the world "by the extension of the Kingdom of God".   This is evident in educational and missionary work.
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