Rooted in History & Alive Today

Beginning in 1457 the Moravian Church has proclaimed the gospel in all parts of the world. Its influence has far exceeded its numbers. Proud of its heritage and firm in its faith, the Moravian Church ministers to the needs of people wherever they are. The name Moravian identifies the fact that this historic church had its origin in ancient Bohemia and Moravia in what is the present-day Czech Republic.

Today there are more than one million members of the Moravian Church in the world. Most of them live in eastern Africa. Other major Moravian centers outside Winston-Salem include the Caribbean basin, South Africa, and Bethlehem, Pa.

Community with Others

Many people know Moravians from attending a Love Feast, which is a simple meal of usually coffee and a bun that is served in community while everyone sings together. 

This is a reminder of the importance of serving others and our reliance on one another in the family of God.

Serving one another in community is an important practice in the Moravian Church. 

Communion with God

We connect to God in a variety of ways. Moravians have always embraced the diversity of means to connect to God especially through music.

Moravians have a heritage of creativity in our music and worship. At Ardmore Moravian we embrace that diversity and creativity.

You may come and sing a hymn from hundreds of years ago or something off the radio today. We attempt to live into the wide variety of ways we can commune with God

Focused on the Essentials

The Moto of the Moravian church, which we strive to live by in our community of faith is...

In Essentials Unity

In Non-Essentials Liberty

And In All things Love